LED-based data 100x faster than wifi

Inhabitat highlights the development of an LED-based alternative to wi-fi, that promises to be 100 time faster and harnesses the imperceptible rapid blinking of LED lights to send data to compatible devices. The system is currently being tested in a few countries, including France and India.

Source: http://inhabitat.com/new-led-li-fi-is-100-times-faster-than-wi-fi/

Wireless charging using ‘wasted’ radio waves?

Engadget highlights a potential innovation in charging for mobile phones – by a start-up called Nikola Labs: their technology captures radio waves emitted by mobile phones whilst in normal use and converts them into extra battery life via an iPhone case.


It’s still too early to judge the viability of such an approach in the real world, but the prospect of capturing wasted energy and channelling it back into the device could be a game changer in device charging and recharging.

Source: Engadget