All Dutch trains now powered by wind energy

The Guardian reports that all trains running in the Netherlands are now powered by wind energy, as of 1st January 2017 (1 year ahead of schedule). 


UK to build the world’s largest offshore windfarm

Engadget reports on plans to build the largest offshore wind farm – Hornsea Project 1 and 2 -off the east coast of the UK to generate 1,800 MW and power 1.8m homes.

Multi-purpose Streetlights Kill Mosquitoes, Charge Phones & Send Flood Warnings – via FastCoExist

FastCoExist highlights the development of multi-purpose streetlights in Malaysia that kill mosquitos, charge mobile phones and help transmit flood warnings – as well as providing night time illumination. On top of this, the lights are powered by a combination of solar and wind power.


Using glass in lithium ion batteries could double capacity

Futurity covers a development in battery technology that uses vanadium-borate glass rather than crystals to improve the endurance of lithium ion batteries: although still being researched, the extra juice could be put to use in consumer and commercial settings, including energy capture and storage.


Source: Futurity

Image credit: ETH Zurich

Virtual batteries of molten aluminium store wind-generated energy

Bloomberg reports on the use of molten aluminium as a virtual battery to store power generated by wind farms. A German company that produces aluminium is piloting an approach to temporarily storing power from renewables and then realising it when demand on the grid increases. It is an approach that could also be adopted by other energy intensive manufacturing and processing industries.

Source: Bloomberg


Image: Andrey Rudakov / Bloomberg