Rollable concrete: faster, cheaper and stronger – via Springwise


Springwise highlights an innovation in that mainstay of modern construction – concrete. Cortex Composites has developed water-activated rolls of concrete that are quicker to install, stronger, cheaper and less resource intensive than standard concrete production.

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Cobalt-based crystals to replace oxygen tanks?

Inhabitat reports on a scientific discovery that could have major implications for for a host of situations where oxygen tanks are required – from underwater diving to medical treatments.

Using cobalt, researchers have created a material that draws oxygen from air or water and stores it for later use. The substance should be light enough to replace heavy oxygen tanks, benefiting divers as well as patients with lung conditions currently tied to a supply of oxygen.

Source: Inhabitat

Bionic eyes help restore blind woman’s sight

The BBC reports on a woman whose sight was partially restored after being blind for the previous 10 years. After slowly losing her sight over several years due to a degenerative disease, Fran Fulton has recently regained some vision following a procedure to insert electrodes into her retinas. For a full description of the technology and results, hit the link below.

Source: BBC

Google Glass app helps hard of hearing understand conversations

Futurity reports on a Google Glass app that converts the words of the person you are talking to into cpations that can help people with hearing difficulties fully participate in conversaions (or at least check that they heard the other person correctly). Developed at Georgia Tech, the app relies on the person you are conversing with to speak into a smartphone, which the creators see as a positive – but eventually we might expect Google Glass to be able to capture and display the conversation by itself.

Source: Futurity

First rechargeable solar battery

Inhabitat reports on work at Ohio State University where scientists claim to have created the world’s first rechargeable¬†solar battery system. Aiming for greater efficiency in the storage of solar-generated energy and with the off-the grid users in mind, the innovative system combines a solar panel and battery into one unit.

Source: Inhabitat

A solar powered fridge you can take anywhere

FastCoExist reports on the AnywhereFridge – a solar powered fridge that can also collapse into a smaller form for easier transportation. Designed Spencer Trotter with camping or other off-the-grid activities in mind, the unit runs off solar power during the day and via an in-built battery slated for around 8 hours of refridgeration overnight.

Source: FastCoExist

An app that visualises warnings and alarms for the hard of hearing

Springwise reports on app designed to alert people with hearing difficulties to alarms or other warning sounds. Called Otosense, the app listens for generic alarms or alerts as well as user recorded or specified sounds and then converts these into images, flashes or vibrations on the users phone, tablet or Pebble smartwatch.

Source: Springwise

App to help the hard of hearing make phonecalls

Techcrunch reports on a Kickstarter campaign that aims to help people with hearing difficulties to make calls via their mobile, tablet or PC. Well, more like interact with calls in real time: RogerVoice uses voip, converting audio into text through on the go transcription that the recipient can view on their device and respond to with their voice.

Source: TechCrunch

Fix a flat bike tyre in 60 seconds

FastCoExist reports on an innovative approach to fixing punctured tyres, in a fraction of the time it takes to repair the traditional way. The rider injects liquid rubber adhesive into the hole and applies pressure, then re-inflates the inner tube. This allows the rider to be moving again in short order and helps to extend the life of both the tyre and inner tube, thus reducing landfill and waste.

Source: FastCoExist