A Solar Lamp For Refugees

Fast Company reports on a solar powered lamp developed to help refugees and those in developing nations reliant on kerosene lamps. From the article:

The SolarPuff is a two-ounce, flat-pack solar lamp which quickly expands into a 4.5-inch cube. The lantern can last eight hours and easily recharges with clear sunlight. It provides enough light for refugees or people in impoverished areas to perform tasks at night, without instigating any dangerous fires or needing batteries.

Source: https://www.fastcompany.com/40439433/how-a-small-solar-light-is-saving-refugees-lives

Could A Giant Vacuum Cleaner Tackle Pollution?

FastCoExist highlights a device that sucks fine particulate matter from the air, that if deployed in sufficient numbers would clean the air in cities and other polluted areas.

The Dutch inventors claim the huge ‘vacuum cleaners’ can filter most of the fine particles emitted from vehicles / power plants and through industrial pollution – that have both health and climate impacts.
Source: https://www.fastcoexist.com/3065052/change-generation/this-giant-dutch-vacuum-cleaner-sucks-pollution-out-of-the-sky

Concept: Low-cost arsenic detector for drinking water

SHENDY is an open-source and low-cost arsenic detector being developed by an international group of students. The aim is to create a smartphone connected device that can test whether groundwater is safe to drink based on its arsenic content, which is often at poisonous levels in post-conflict zones and after natural disasters.


New Device Could Protect Athletes’ Brains During Impact – via MIT Technology Review


MIT Tech Review features a collar designed to protect athletes and soldiers from head injuries, by limiting brain movement within the skull after one or more blows to the head.

Source: http://www.technologyreview.com/s/600691/new-collar-promises-to-keep-athletes-brains-from-sloshing-during-impact/