Solar charging for smartphones

solar charge

Springwise features a prototype smartphone screen that incorporates a transparent photovoltaic layer under the screen that allows the device to recharge via sunlight. The device is a collaboration between Sunpartner Technologies and Kyocera.

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Asthma study using Apple’s ResearchKit adds UK & Ireland

Asthma Health 2

iMore highlights the addition of the UK and Ireland to an asthma study using Apple’s ResearchKit. iMore explains:

“Asthma Health, the ResearchKit-powered asthma study from Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine, is now available for download and use in both the UK and Ireland. One of the initial crop of ResearchKit apps launched in March 2015, Asthma Health tracks symptom patterns and potential triggers, which allows researchers to develop new, more personalized treatments for asthma.”


New earthquake-sensing phone app crowdsources data

The Verge reports on a new smartphone app that allows android phone owners to “be part of a distributed seismograph.”

From the article: “Created by a team of scientists from UC Berkeley, the app turns your phone into a background quake-detector, scanning the phone’s accelerometer data in real time and forwarding any rumblings that fit the profile of seismic activity. With enough phones networked together, researchers hope they can build a kind of distributed seismograph, stitching together thousands of rough readings into a more comprehensive data source than researchers have ever had.”


3 Technologies Coming To Smartphones – via Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur highlights three technologies that could enhance the features and power of smartphones:

  • spectrometers – adding health applications such as tests for skin conditions, or monitoring vital signs/heart rate
  • more accurate gps – allowing better 3d-mapping, improving virtual reality and semi-/autonomous vehicles
  • gas sensors – to help monitor air quality or detect toxic fumes, explosives or pollutants


3D-Printed Smartphone Attachment Helps Diagnose Sight Problems

Techcrunch highlights a 3d-printed eye examination smartphone app and attachment called Peek (Portable Eye Examination Kit).


The device and app can be used in the field in developing nations and isolated rural areas at lower costs than traditional equipment (or where testing equipment rarely reaches) to test a range of eye functions and conditions.

Source: Techcrunch