Levi’s Creates New Jeans from 100% Recycled Cotton

FastCoExist reports that Levi’s, in collaboration with Evrnu, has trialled a new technique for recycling old cotton clothing for use in new Jeans. The approach could reduce the impact of jeans production, by using less water, whilst also creating a stronger & more durable end product.

Source: http://www.fastcoexist.com/3059826/levis-made-the-first-ever-100-recycled-cotton-jeans

Sportswear made from eucalyptus and recycled bottles


PSFK highlights a Kickstarter project for sportswear made from sustainable and recycled materials. From the article:

The material “is a blend of fibers from the eucalyptus plant, used water bottles and Tencel, a sustainable fiber from wood. The water bottles are rerouted from landfills into factories which clean them and remold them into polyester yarns. About 10 water bottles goes into the production of one Pistol Lake long-sleeved shirt.”

Source: http://www.psfk.com/2016/04/eucalyptus-and-water-bottles-made-into-minimalist-sportswear.html

Shopping site with durable, ethical and sustainable products


BuyMeOnce is a new shopping site for a range of product categories from clothing and shoes to furniture, kitchenware and tools, that can save people money in the long-term and reduce waste and landfill.

The idea behind the site is to reduce production and waste from cheap and short-term products and instead provide long-lasting, well-made products that are also ethical, repairable and sustainable.

Source: http://lifehacker.com/buy-me-once-finds-sustainable-products-that-are-built-t-1762019140